Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Decades of socialist governments and busybodies promoting irresponsibility have resulted in the "boy Racer" youth culture we are witnessing today.

Generation after generation of families being led to believe that the state really cares for them, and will look after their every want and need (without a care for where they get the cash to pay for it!) - Only they DON'T, and never will care as much as FAMILY - those who should REALLY be responsible.

But family is out of a job these days! - Families just pass the responsibility on to the government (or council) - after all, they DO take all that money in taxes to DO THOSE THINGS.

For example, If FAMILY were responsible for their childrens healthcare, it would be in their best interest for their children to be HEALTHY (unhealthy children are expensive!) so they would be more likely to feed them properly. On top of that, they would be more likely to ensure that they were not involved in dangerous or life-threatening activities such as illegal street drag racing, and dangerous drug use and drink driving etc.

Parents would be more likely to keep a close watch on their childrens activities.

It would be essential for the parents of young girls to teach sex education, abstinence (yeah right!) and or the necessity of contraception. Failing to do so could leave them with a daughter AND agrand-child to support!

But alas NO! nanny state picks up the tab for parents failure to do ANY of the above, foisting the expense on to others, which is a most unjust state of affirs.

Unfortunately there is NO quick-fix or remedy to the situation, (especially now that even the national socialist party - or Labour Lite as I call them - have lost their way)

It has taken a hundred years of the welfare state and free rides on the gravy train to get us in this predicament. It will take another hundred years to pull us out of it, but first we have to admit that Socialism is the root of the problem, and THEN we have to wean off those suckling on the state teat, and THEREIN lies the challenge!

Who of those would be willing to give up their FREE LUNCH and vote for somebody who advocates personal responsibility?

- It aint never gonna happen, so you better just get used to more of what we are getting NOW- after all, It’s what the majority of you want . . . Isn’t it?


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