Friday, June 15, 2007

Natural Remedies and the "Aussie Rules Bill"

I am in two minds over the Aussie Rules regulation of natural medicines.

I believe in the rights of the individual, and that you should be entitled to put into your body anything you wish - it is none of my business - and if you believe tail of newt will cure what ails you, then go for it!

However, there are an awful lot of witch-doctors out there manufacturing remedies with eye of frog and wing of bat etc claiming miracle properties but with no therapeutic value. These are FAITH-based remedies, where intelligent minds are told to just believe they work rather than any scientific fact. The Aussie Rules bill will weed out some of this quackery, sparing the market and rational minds having to trawl through bottles of bach flowers and other such nonesense for remedies that actually work!

If you do happen to believe in these witchdoctors, do not despair! Just like anything else the government has made illegal, you will still be able to get it if you want - only it will turn you into a criminal. You will have to buy it from gangs, with clandestine bach-flower labs in their spare bedrooms. It will become extremely expensive, and the manufacture will be less consistent, and because of its illegality, will become more concentrated and potent, and therefore even more dangerous than nanny deems it NOW!

Old hippies will be persecuted once again - not for growing dope this time, but for the illegal manufacture of cell salts and homoeopathic tabs.

Oh Well, they do say the people get the government they deserve! - you asked for it - now you've got it! - If you don't like it then do something about it!

But remember - a government big enough to GIVE you anything you WANT, is ALSO big enough to TAKE AWAY anything it want!

Vote for Less government - MORE personal responsibility!

I guess I had better take a few swigs of my Rescue Remedy after that little outburst!


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