Monday, July 02, 2007

The Fortune Teller

Cross my palm with silver (or failing THAT, just read on!) and I shall fortell the future with astonishing accuracy!
Forget Nostradamus, aunty Ethyl’s tea leaves, and The Great Zoltan - fairground fourtune teller - I would like to make a prediction - not based upon feelings, or crystal ball gazing, but upon history and facts.

These predictions I make in lieu of the cabinet agreeing to Adolf Anderton’s recommendation to ban party pills.
I predict that: Party pills will remain available, although more concentrated in content, and contain more dangerous ingredients.

Gangs will now become the major retailer. More people will be admitted to hospital through misadventure due to their inconsistent ingredients (no labels stating ingredients will be needed now!)

Now they’re classified alongside methamphetamine and other truly harmful substances, misinformed party people-when going to their drug dealer-will be exposed to dangerous choices.

Stupid people will continue to listen to Jim Neanderton.

The drug problem will NOT go away, and government will allocate even MORE money to the war on drugs, even though they have no proof that it actually works. Adolf Anderton will find something else to ban in the near future.

Here is a very simple fact that Associate Minister of Health and Leader of the Regressive Party should have learnt by now! Ban things, and you create a black market. It’s the first law of street economics.

Something so SIMPLE even brain-dead street-punks know it. Obviously, it’s not simple enough for Jim.

- Watch for my letter in the near future saying "I told you so!"


Anonymous brian said...

And of cours Tomo. your are right.
The question; "when will they learn?" has been asked many times.
I fear the answer is never..or not until they lose their penchant for self engrandisement funded by the rest of us. Oh dear! never.
I have a strong aversion to the taking of drugs by anyone for "entertainment or pleasure". some of this is based on a little knowledge of the longer lasting risks and some perhaps on a lack of knowledge. We do have some understanding of the effects of alcohol and cigs. I wonder if we need to develop that understanding about more, but education not brute force can be the only way that might work, or at least not exacerbate the problems.

10:08 am  

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