Monday, November 12, 2007

How to get what you want at any cost

Binnie Brown - and many like her - want a museum real bad! So bad, they are prepared to use force on other people to get it!

Would they be prepared to walk downtown with a big stick, and beat people with it until they agree to their demands? - that’s the equivalent of what they demand.

But of course they are not prepared to do this personally - so they get behind a gang (also known as the council) and get “them” to do it for them!

Using force and bully tactics is not the only way to get things done!

It is also not the most efficient way or financially profitable way, and it most certainly s not the most moral way. Yet they still insist on doing things that way!

It is cowardly to hide behind a bully and egg it on to commit a crime upon others at your request.

This is how thugs like Hitler got to impose their way upon others! Instead of hiding behind the bully while it implements your dirty work, why not step out the front, and do something pro-active and voluntary instead of threatening to enlist a bigger gang to get what you want by force. Shame on you all!


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