Monday, November 12, 2007

On Democracy

My response to a letter in the BOP Times concerning one persons idea of democracy

So Ewen Lowden thinks it is ok for the rights of the minority to be destroyed by the mob no matter if they are right or wrong!

If 49% want one thing, and 51% want another that means 49 people have to suffer! What is so good about that Mr Lowden?

This is the equivalent of two wolves and a sheep(le) voting on what to have for dinner! Just because the majority vote for it doesn't mean it is right!

Just ask the Jews in nazi Germany what THEY think of this concept!

If a majority of paedophiles lived on an island, would that make it OK to abuse young children?

This is what Mr Lowden believes is the acceptable replacement for intelligence, knowledge and experience - Mob Rule!

Mr Lowdens view of a civilised existence is seriously flawed as it relies on the use of force over intelligence to achieve its goals.

Mr Lowden - it is not possible to give ENOUGH weight to the intelligence of the individual, as the COLLECTIVE is but a group of individuals, and for this reason I do deny the way we govern ourselves.


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