Monday, November 12, 2007

Looters out in force AGAIN

Barely has the corpse of the council-funded museum been lain to rest, and the looters are looking for OTHER ways to spend the loot, taken from the ratepayers!

Mr Jones (BOP Times 7 /11/07) wants it spent on bus terminals - Mrs Smith wants it spent on something else, and no doubt there are hordes out there with brilliant ideas of how much should be taken in the future and what it should be spent on.

Please! Take your hands out of other peoples pockets and refrain from telling me what I should spend my earning on for my own good!

If you are that passionate about your beliefs, stick your hands into your OWN pockets and do something about achieving them instead of standing behind a bully (the council) and getting THEM to do your dirty work for you!

Perhaps you could lend your money and excess energy to Bill Faulkner and the mayor, who are about to embark upon a milestone in the history of our council - the pursuit of achieving a facilty for the city without forcing ratepayers to pay for it against their will - the most outstanding and inspired piece of REAL THINKING by the council I have EVER witnessed.

Let’s hope they get the hang of this philosophy and apply it to OTHER projects. BRAVO to those involved


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