Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What the HELL is going on?

Four thugs brutally beat a man to death in cold blood in Te Puke this week as he withdrew $100 from a cash machine.

Today they are back out in society (with name suppression of course) - they are allowed out on bail - one of them allowed to continue going to work - until their case is heard!

Two of these lowlifes handed themselves in to the police admitting to the murder.

What is WRONG with our justice [sic] system that allows this to happen?

Why are these scum not locked up until the trial? - especially as they have admitted the crime!

Heaven help you if you are caught with a bag of dope - a crime without a victim I may add. You would recieve far worse treatment

Another young scumbag in Tauranga, David Stephenson, who beat up a taxi driver a couple of years ago and left him within inches of his life has been let out early after serving only 9 months of a 20 month sentence.

Less than four months after his release, he has featured in the local newspaper on two occasions in the last two weeks.

He broke a guys nose because he didnt like the way he spoke to his friend, and today he has been accused of punching a guy in the mouth and breaking several teeth. He denies this assault as he says he was too drunk to remember!.

Yet another Tauranga murderer let out before completing his sentence for killing a woman a couple of years ago has this time killed a young child whom he was supposed to be looking after.


Who is not doing their job properly?

Who is supposed to be protecting us from these predators

Who is responsible for letting them back into civilisation to kill again?

Whoever it is needs to be given a bloody good shake-up - they are as guilty of these crimes as the perpetrators of these vile crimes


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I happen to know David Stephenson personally and he is not a bad person and you have no idea what his life has involved. Yes he done some bad things and made bad mistakes but who hasnt? He is a human being and has feeling too. Its Gods place to judge not ours. He is not a monster.

3:04 pm  
Blogger The Tomahawk Kid said...

Only scumbags beat taxi drivers to within inches of their lives.

If there was such a thing as God then he is not doing his job properly is he if he lets scum like this loose on innocent people doing an honest days work.

Sometimes the truth hurts anonymous person.

I dont care what David Stephensons life has involved - it is of no concern to me other than he used FORCE on another human being.

The use of force is the MOST uncivilised thing one human can do to another.

This makes him Scum in my books, whether you personally know him or not.

3:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truth doesnt hurt me, i know what he has done i have talked about it with him. He done his time for it. He didnt just get a slap on the hand. I understand where you are coming from all i am saying is that he isnt all bad. And God lets alot of bad things happen, that is a whole different topic entirely.

12:00 pm  
Blogger The Tomahawk Kid said...

This is a cop out anonymous person!
Although you are correct on one matter - it is a different topic altogether - so tell us - why did you bring a ficticious character (your God) into the topic?

I am talking about facts and reality, not fairy tales and goblins!

I also know what he has done, and when I wrote the article in 2007 I asked the question "Why are scumbags - ie people who have a lack of respect for the lives and property of others - allowed to go free after such hideous acts of violence upon innocent people - without serving sufficient punishment?

12:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well that wasnt his choice to get out early was it? And God in my eyes and many others is not a ficticious character. I bring God up alot, its not just in this that i do. lol and i notice you keep calling me anonymous person, you are also anonymous im sure you real name isnt The Tomohawk Kid. I am not here to attack you, i just want people to know that he does have a heart. You are entitled to your opinion as i am entitled to mine.

4:39 pm  

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