Monday, November 12, 2007

A bit like waiting for the bus!

For those of you who visit my blog to see what I have been raving on about lately you will notice things have been a little sporadic of late!
My blog is a bit like waiting for the bus - Nothing for ages, then several come along at the same time. I shan't bother making apologies, but as you can see by my latest posting, I have been busy writing letters - I just haven't posted them here for a while. My success rate with the local paper is probably about 50% - half get published - the other half ignored. I get quite a bit of positive feedback from people who always tell me they look out for my letters - this comes in the form of face to face with both people I know and complete strangers, and about 1 phone call every couple of weeks. Any NEGATIVE feedback ALWAYS comes in the form of an anonymous letter POSTED to my address - I don't get many of these, but they do not bother me, and none as yet have been threatening. Anyway, I shall continue, and thanks to those who tune in here to read what I have to say, and thanks to PC and all my Libertarian aquaintances from whom I learn something almost every day. My repetitive "banging on" as some people like to refer to it, has most DEFINITELY paid off - especially in the Tauranga area. We now have councillors, talking about, and putting into practice some of the things Russell Watkins and I have been barraging them with over the past few years. - (read some of my latest posts)


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