Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mary Dillon Needs Rehabilitation

Mary Dillon has spent so many years with her fingers in the ratepayers pockets that now she no longer has access she is suffering from withdrawal symptoms.
She has become so addicted to this affliction she refuses to accept the facts, and I recommend a good dose of Rehab to ease her back into the real world! Her case is not unique though! Anything artificially inflated or funded - including such things as schools, bands, artists etc - are buoyed for as long as funding lasts. When it’s witdrawn, and they have to stand on their own two feet, they often find they have lost the ability to do so. These people lose the ability to earn or create money in the REAL world, as it is given to them - without having to earn it , and often without merit. They stop fundraisisng. Don’t work extra hours. They lose the hunger to succeed that is fueled by necessity to survive and henceforth slowly lose community support and spirit. Finally though, The cat is out of the bag! Mary is not content with just anywhere to display the citys history - she wishes to build a MONUMENT (inclusive of a huge WOW factor!) Now that she no longer has access to the ratepayers wallets, I encourage her in her pursuit of her monument on a pier, and I volunteer to personally engrave her name on the brass plaque at its entrance - free of charge - so long as she does so with private money. Mary can build it on the bloody MOON for all I care - so long as she doesnt resort to FORCE to build it there!

Somehow I can’t see this happening though - Mary and her ilk only know one way to get what they want, and to hell with whether it is moral or principled. Mary is the old fashoied “beat it with a stick untill it pays-up” type, and that is not a nice way to behave now is it?


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