Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tree Wise Men

On the way to work this morning I followed the Tree Wise Men! - and No, it wasn't Sean, Patrick and Seamus, the Irish Mastermind team!

Now, I know there is a little place near Tauranga called Bethlehem, but in all the years I have live here I cant say I have ever seen a manger there, and there is a distinct lack of virgins in the area, and I haven't smoked any myhr for ages.

I thought perhaps they had got lost (and were a little late) on the way to some particular event soon to be celebrated.

And if they are so wise, how come they are lost?
so WHO, are the Tree Wise Men.

They are, if you haven't already guessed, ARBORISTS.
A Tauranga company Specialising in Tree removal, care and maintenance, relocation, chipping etc etc

A great piece of marketing guys


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