Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Chris Carter - What a Disgrace

I am myself unfortunately a victim of the government run education system.

Taught by the likes of ex school teacher Mr Carter, it is a wonder I can string a sentence together at all, but I do at least make a conscious effort not to disgrace myself with basic spelling and sloppy punctuation!

This man is a disgrace, and how he can hold his position as Minister of Education, and still look people in the eye is beyond comprehension - much like the content of his letter above!

He says "After all, surely you believe in open honest government where cash isn't used to buy elections by secret lobby groups like the Brethren . . ."

Not only does he have trouble spelling at an elementary level, but he has a short memory as well!

Do I need to remind him of the PLEDGE CARD FIASCO earlier this year?

OK the money wasn't donated by anyone as such - they just STOLE IT instead!

Labour PURCHASE their popularity by offering more and more handouts to those who are unwilling to earn them! How many on the receiving end of a handout of ANY description (including stuff like NZ on Air etc) are going to vote for a political party who will put an end to this type of theft.

Not to mention for years Labour governments making it COMPULSORY for ALL workers to be in the UNION - Who needs money from the Brethren etc when you can fill your coffers like this?

What I do with my money Mr Carter is absolutely NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS - or anybody elses for that matter

Why should ANYBODY take any notice of ANYTHING you say when it is expressed so thoughtlessly - and not to mention crudely - as in the correspondence above.


Blogger Simeon said...


Chris Carter has got a few problems when it comes to spelling.

I noticed above that you got a reply from Chris with some spelling mistakes too!!

It is a disgrace to New Zealand that he can't spell.

3:34 pm  

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