Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tony Ryall - National Party Questionnaire

I received in the post a questionnaire from National Party MP, Tony Ryall.

The following are some of the questions, which were to be answered with a yes or no:

I believe they deserve MORE than that, so read on to see what I said to Mr Ryall.

Q: Should we make our Doctors and Nurses stay in the country for a certain time after we have trained them!

A: WHAT? - If they decide they want to leave, how do you suggest we do that Mr Ryall? - Put them in prison? - Chain them to the operating table?

What kind of question is this from a political party whose principles state it stands for
Individual freedom and choice?

Q: Should it be compulsory to take DNA samples from anybody that is arrested - the same as fingerprints?
A: Why dont you just Micro chip us all instead and get it over and done with Mr Ryall

Q: Should there be more trade training in schools?
A: Remove the government from the school system.
Let schools specialise in trade training if they wish.
Let parents chose which schools they wish to send their children to.

All the above questions are MULTIPLE CHOICE - ie YES or NO

I bet 9 out of 10 people getting this questionnaire, will just tick a box, so that the feedback they get is: YES force people to stay here against their will (without even THINKING about it)

or YES lets teach the TRADES in schools

No wonder the party is so pathetic when the questions they are asking call for for such MINDLESS ANSWERS


These people really have lost their way haven't they!

This is the party whose principles state they stand for:

LIMITED GOVERNMENT (do those questions above look like they are looking to interfere in LESS?)



National party principles are great - only NONE of the National party Mps know what they are, let alone know what the words actually mean.

They sure do deserve the current title


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