Thursday, January 03, 2008

Reply to anonymous letter writer

Below is my reply to an anonymous letter I received in my letterbox (hand delivered!) telling me to stop picking on a particular letter writer (Mr Izett) who insists on banning everything he doesn't agree with - ie boxing, motor racing, smoking etc etc

I sent this letter to the newspaper - they didn't publish it of course, so I thought I would publish it here

Dear anonymous letter writer.
You write to me and say "grow up and stop harassing Mr Izett who always states facts and his opinions which he is entitled to do in this democratic country!" Why is he allowed to say things detrimental to MY life, yet I can say nothing to defend myself?

I repeat, I do not pick on anybody in particular for "no good reason" as you say, only those who say STUPID and unpricipled things, and those who think it is ok to interfere in MY life.

Why do you and Mr Izett not understand that calling for council or government to prevent me or others (with the use of force) from doing with our lives what we want is an act of agression. Mr Izett does this on a regular basis, and now there is YOU! The "democracy" that gives you and Mr Izett the opportunity to say stupid things, is the same democracy that allows "me" the right of reply.

You also tell me to "get a life!" Well, I have a very nice life thank you very much for caring, and I would like to keep it that way, that is why I find it necessary to defend it from interfering people like yourself and Mr Izett who would take it away from me! Mr Izett wants government to stop me from enoying boxing, speedway, and smoking (non of which I actually participate or enjoy, but that is not the point!)

What is it that little old men or ladies enjoy doing? I bet you would be screaming blue murder if Mr Izett's next letter wanted to ban bowls or Knitting.

If you and Mr Izettt and anybody else who wants a say in how I live my life promise to leave me alone, and stop telling me what I may or may not enjoy in life, I promise I wont pick on you any more, but as long as you insist on dictating what I can and cannot do with my life, it is "OPEN SEASON."


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