Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thieves, Bullies, Parasites, and the use of FORCE

Here is an excerpt from a letter in the BOP Times from Mary Brook, accusing me of Slinging mud, and writing poison pen letters.

This is from a woman who clearly REFUSES to acknowledge that their is any other concept apart from socialism!

This person will NEVER understand the immorality of her position or philosophy of how people should be governed.

THIS from Mary Brook
I wonder if your correspondent Graham Clark actually reads the newspaper as hes still whingeing on about a $23 million waterfront museum, which was stopped at the first meeting of the new council.

As for Graham Clarks poison pen, he lumps me in with councillors Dillon and Pankhurst, alleging that people like this should never be allowed to be responsible fo decision making and taxpayers money . . .

So once and for all, I have NEVER supported a WATERFRONT museum - I PREFER ONE ON CLIFF ROAD OR THE OLD POST OFFICE . . So, Mr Clark before you start slinging more mud, just get your facts straight.


I dont know how many letters I have written on this subject, but these people do not get it!

They do not / WILL NOT - understand

They cannot comprehend that somebody is AGAINST THE USE OF FORCE
or that
spending ratepayers money (let alone actually TAKING IT FROM THEM) is the use of force upon others.

As you can see in the letter above, this woman vehemently defends her position of NEVER supporting a WATERFRONT museum, but then in the next paragraph, CLEARLY states that she is happy to RAPE RATEPAYERS to erect a museum at a different location - a location of which SHE approves!

She cannot distinguish a difference

I do not write poison-pen letters indiscriminantly.

My targets are clearly defined!

They ALL put their hand up and say “Pick Me!”

They are would-be thieves, bullies and parasites, who prey upon the minority with the justification of it being for their own good, and I would like to explain WHY Mary-Brook is justifiably a recipient!

I am AGAINST one person using force upon another to get their way!

I am also against individuals using an intermediary to use force on a minority on their behalf - EITHER WAY, the use of force is immoral.

Tarring Mary Brook with the same brush as ex Crs Dillon and Pankhurst is justified by the fact that these two call for the use of force to take money and spend it on a museum ( OR WHATEVER). It’s not that it’s on the waterfront - it could be on the dark-side of the moon for all I care - the issue is the use of force on a minority, and the smallest minority is the individual.

If people like Brooke, Dillon, Pankhurst were to desist in stealing my money/property, I wouldn’t have to defend myself!

Self-defence is not an act of aggression.

Ms Brook would be wise to look to her premise before making assertions.

Brooke and company do not like individuals defending their property, and would steal every last penny of it if they went un-opposed.

They are the aggressors, not I.


Blogger Favela Cranshaw said...

I applaud your desire to strike out at the forces of tyranny, to demand justice. Well done. I hope your children are able to benefit from your example. Lucky kids.

3:03 pm  

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