Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Correspondence from Chris Carter

On 05/12/2007, at 8:27 PM, Chris Carter wrote:

Dear Graham

Thanks for your email and bog. I rather enjoyed reading it. Provided a bit of light relief in other wise boring day of National and ACT MPs raving about the Electoral Finance Bill. The poor things seem desperate about not getting the chance to spend the many millions their mates have given them to try and buy the next election. Life can be tough sometimes! Have a great Xmas and keep that humour flowing!

Chris Carter
MP for Te Atatu
(Please note - spelling errors above by Mr Carter)


My reply to Mr Carter

Thank you for taking the time to reply Chris.

I am not surprised that you found it amusing Chris, and do not worry, I shall keep the humour going until your party, and people like yourself, make it illegal for me to do so! - Then I guess I will carry on until you fine me and put me in jail for speaking my mind.

You see - some of us take it quite seriously when the likes of yourself think it is OK to destroy and take away one of our most basic rights.

You may NOT think this issue is serious and that it's OK to attack free speech in this manner, but what is next? Which one of our rights will you be happy to take away next? Where will you DRAW THE LINE in interfering with peoples rights and freedom?

As I mentioned before, you appear to think it is OK for your party to fill its coffers with money taken by FORCE, but it is NOT OK for other parties to accept DONATIONS which are given FREE of compulsion! - You seem to have side-stepped the Pledge card business, not to mention the unions funding the Labour party for years!

I really do not understand how you truly believe it is OK to use force on people to get what YOU want, and NOT OK for people to act of their own free will!

You seem a trifle BITTER about National and ACT BUYING and election with money that is GIVEN to them, yet the Labour Party are happy to STEAL money from people (take it from them against their will I think you will find is the definition of theft) and use it to BRIBE the population, offering benefits, handouts, and all kinds of stuff to them if they tick your box!

Please Chris why do you not see THIS is corrupt?

You wish to gain power, and keep your job, by appealing to to the huge amount of people who want a share of things that do not belong to them and that belong to other people. People who think they have a right to a share of the wealth that is earned by others.

You object to people, who actually earn and have accumulated wealth, from wishing to stop governments from STEALING it from them. Call it an act of self-defence.

You wish to stop them from DEFENDING their private property (with the money they have earned), and make it easier for those who want an unearned share of it to steal it from them!

How can an intelligent man not see that this is WRONG? (I am assuming that he is an intelligent man, when his spelling and grammar say otherwise!)


Blogger Simeon said...


An excellent letter to Chris.

Keep up the good work !!

3:36 pm  

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