Sunday, January 06, 2008

Socialised Medicine AGAIN

Once again socialised medicine is in the headlines, and once again the tale is not a pretty one!

This time the government-run monopoly ACC will fork out over $20,000 worth of other peoples money to fix the ear of serial burglar Casey Voges, who had his ear bitten-off by a police dog.

Besides - how can ACC say this was an accident - the police dog was set upon the lowlife “on purpose.” Hardly an accident!

If this is going to happen every time a police dog is employed, then I suggest OSH get in on the act and put a ban on police dogs immediately.

Meanwhile, somebodies nanna, who has worked all her life, is removed from the waiting list to get her hip replaced to make way for some lowlife to get a bionic ear.

All I can say is: If you are waiting for the government-run health system to get “better” - don’t hold your breath! It will “never” happen, no matter how many more millions are funelled into it.

Just like a grocery shop with FREE groceries - the only way to ensure EVERYBODY gets some is to use a RATIONING system.

The only way a public health system run in conjunction with a government-held monopoly like the Accident Compensation Corporation or ACC could deliver any kind of FREE health care to EVERYBODY, whether they contribute to it or not, is by RATIONING


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