Saturday, February 09, 2008

Will the REAL opposition PLEASE STAND UP!

I have just read one of the most outrageous and sickening things I have read all year, and which only goes to further justify my comments to Dr Ingram (see my post a couple of letters earlier) concerning the die-while-you-wait health system.

National party MP Tony Ryall informed us that the BOP District Health Board has increased the “medical” staff (Drs, surgeons etc) by 29 . . . and the “administration and office workers” by 174!

What will kiwis do about this flagrant waste of taxpayers money?

Most will just go “bbaaaaaa” and roll over again, but those who are annoyed will probably vote for National as a protest to get rid of the Labour government, which is responsible for this outrage, (amongst countless others) but this is a complete waste of time, as voting for National under their new leader (sic) is the same as voting for Labour! - It is no alternative - it is more of the same!

This is why the National party have justifiably earned the nickname recently of “Labour-Lite.”
They are supposed to be the “opposition” yet as highlighted by voting for the anti-smacking law, are just part of the problem, as opposed to standing by their principles and voting against it!, which is about as much opposition to anything as a wet paper bag!

Will the REAL opposition PLEASE STAND UP!


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