Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Education System

Teachers need to perform says a report in the BOP Times on 19 02 08

To fix underachievement levels it’s recommended new teachers should only gain full registration after two years if they raise achievement levels of students, when it is the old, tired, teachers, lacking incentive that is the problem, although new teachers (un)educated in the present state school system are not to be overlooked.

New teachers are more likely to put in extra hours, be more enthusiastic etc than old ones who only do the bare minimum that is required.
The best way to increase literacy and achievement levels would be to remove the state from the education system, and watch it flourish.

Let good teachers be headhunted for their skills and achievements in a free market. Let them negotiate a salary to match their skills, just like the private school system which doesn’t turn out underachievers by the thousands.

MPs say NZ had one of the finest systems in the world, but in the next breath “a disproportionate number of students failing” mmmm! No guesses where “most of them” went to school either!.

If a business goes bankrupt, you get a new manager to rectify the problem, you dont get the old manager who made it bankrupt to fix it!
Government is the source of the disease affecting literacy levels - asking them to fix it will only ensure it gets worse.


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