Friday, March 14, 2008

Mary Bloody Brooks on the museum (again)

What an odious woman Mary Brooks is!

She has the habit of telling people who do not share her opinion to “get a life!”

It mustn't be just any life though! It must be one that she agrees to or else she will call you all sorts of things!

Brooks has made it very clear, (over and over again) exactly where she favours a museum.

What she also makes clear is that because she thinks she is right, she is happy to use FORCE on everybody else to get what she wants.

Now, I don’t know where she comes from, but I was taught that it is wrong to bully other people - to use threats of retribution - to get what you want.

There have even been major campaigns recently to stop bullying, or is Ms Brooks “version” of bullying exempt from the meaning of the term?

By threats and retribution I mean "forcing others to pay for something against their will, and the resulting legal action, fines or imprisonment if they refuse to co-operate."

Begone Ms Brooks - your incessant attempts at justifying your immoral threatening behaviour and demands on other peoples lives and income have become tedious to the extreme.


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