Friday, February 29, 2008


I discovered a new word today - it is utilitarianism

It means that a persons actions are right if they are useful or for the benefit of the majority, and that an action is right if it promotes happiness, and that the greatest happiness of the greatest number is achieved.

This word can be perfectly (although not exclusively) used to describe Larry Baldock and his merry men of the Kiwi Party

Larry says his party are staunch advocates of property rights without having a clue as to the real meaning of the words!

What he does have is a rough idea of what they mean, and he has made up the rest.

As an example of the above, Larrys idea of property rights is that if a majority votes that you must paint your house yellow, then the minority must paint theirs yellow also to appease the happiness of the majority.

This is NOT property rights Mr Baldock, it is mobocracy.

If you profess to be a staunch advocate of something as important as property rights, you should first find out what it really means.

Next you will say you are a staunch advocate of individual rights and because the majority have short hair, then everybody must have short hair because its what the majority want.
What a load of rubbish!

A perfect example of the havoc a misguided politician without principles to guide him can inflict upon us.

Now, before all Kiwi Party members get upset, Larry is not alone in the principle-challenged world of the politician - in fact here he will find HIMSELF in the majority.

I have writen this letter with the intention of pointing out the grand-scale hypocrisy which is unfortunately taken as acceptable thinking[sic], in the hope of helping others identify it for themselves.


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