Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Flip-flop boy preferred Prime Minister

Oh dear!

John Key is the preferred prime minister!

What are people thinking? [sic]

Whatever makes them think “flip-flop boy” is the answer to the countrys problems?

Maybe It’s not that Key is the preferred prime minister, it is that people are sick and tired of Helen Clarke and the labour Party and what they have done and continue to do to us!

Key and Labour-lite (National) are merely an alternative - but they are definitely not the answer.

To be the real opposition you would have to offer something different - in fact I hate to say this, but I would prefer Clark! - at least she’s a strong leader and you know what she stands for - but “flip’flop boy” doesn’t stand for anything!

Who knows which way he will go when the wind changes! Labour-lite are just offering the same as what we have now, only delivered by a blue team rather than a red one.

Why vote national when all you are going to get is the same as what we have now.

Bring on the REAL opposition?


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