Saturday, March 29, 2008

Party Pills and Democracy

What is your problem Crybaby? We had a vote didn't we?

Why are party pills being demonised?

Why are they now in the same category as meth. and heroin? (illegal) when there are no deaths attributable to their consumption?

How come 109 politicians can dictate what 400,000 people are allowed to do?

If do-gooders like Jim Neanderton are so worried about the wellbeing of others, why has he not banned alchohol, - the common factor in more deaths and misery than any other thing!

His popularity - that’s why!

He is looking for the greatest number of people to agree with him, and then use the barbaric and primitive system that we all hold so much faith in to FORCE the rest into compliance!

This is old fashioned bullying, and the kind of politics that must be CHANGED because it is wrong, and immoral, and whats more it does not WORK!

I have never taken what are commonly referred to as “party pills” in my life!

My son gave me some about 7 years ago, and they are still sitting in a drawer somewhere (you know the drawer!)

So why do I speak up about them being banned?

Two reasons!

One is that it’s not a politicians business what an individual does with, or puts into their body, and the second is, there needs to be a change in the way people think when it comes to resolving issues when people think the only way to prevent something THEY do not agree with is to BAN IT!

If banning things actually worked, it may have some merrit, but it doesn’t!
All it does is make criminals out of otherwise law-abiding people!

What would happen if Jim managed to ban SHERRY?

Everybodys grandmother would be sneaking off to the gang HQ to get a flagon of illegal pucheen, or dodgy homebres, resulting in hordes of grandmothers off their tits and out of control.

So, why hasn’t he banned sherry?

Because he is relying on all those grandmothers, and all those educated by the state brainwashing system (who all believe than banning things and using force on others is the way to get things done) to back him and his ban, which in turn deprives others of what SHOULD BE their rights, resulting in the
mindless use of primitive and barbaric muscle and force over thought, rights and reason.

Here is a perfect example of why democracy is over-rated!

If there was a vote to ban alcohol, it would fail, yet it is a common factor in more deaths than any other substance, so how is that right?

Just because the majority vote for it or against it, doesnt mean its right!

If all the catholic priests had a vote on whether it was OK to molest young children, would it mean it was ok and acceptable?

Last century if all the natives had a vote on whether it was OK to eat people, would that make it OK?

During the war if all the Germans voted that it was OK to murder millions of Jews, would that make it OK?

Here is a little quote that makes a lot of sense to me:

A fact is a fact, reality is what it is regardless of your thoughts or wishes


Blogger Rick said...

Neanderton has made himself the sworn enemy of Act On Campus.

The day the music dies is also April Fools Day.

Any suggestions?

9:53 am  
Blogger, CHCH 2007 said...

What Anderton isnt aware of, he wasn't at Beyond 2008 (Te Papa, WGN) nor did he front for the ministerial 'drug policy' meeting, but the Law Commission heard it...

The Class D that Anderton introduced on GOOD FRIDAY four years ago [as a holding pen] for BZP party pills was the drug policy solution space the rest of the world saw as innovative. His reclassification is the 'dangerous' regressive step.

Baby, Bath Water.....


12:03 am  

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