Friday, March 14, 2008

Concerning Euthanasia and dancing naked in church!

This is my letter to the BOP Times concerning the religious people denying others the right to euthanasia in the name of GOD.

I am outraged at the arrogance of your correspondents who would deny me my rights on the subject of euthanasia because THEIR GOD doesn’t agree!

I am an atheist. I do not believe in their god.

If this is the game they insist we must play, then I must insist that they show me the same courtesy and do what MY god says, (don’t ask me for proof of my god, because I will have to ask you the same of yours!) and he says that they must hold hands and dance naked at church every Sunday!

I uphold sovereignty over my own life, to sustain it or otherwise. To pursue happiness as I chose, not by permission from any god, society or government, but by virtue of my nature as a thinking being. This is the moral creed by which I live my life.

You may disagree with it, but at least I believe that you should be entitled to the same!

The only act that to be banned in a free society (you want to live in a free society dont you?) is the initiation of force or fraud by one party over another.

By denying others the right to euthanasia in the name of a GOD you are in breach of BOTH of the above, and I find you guilty on both counts.

See you at church on Sunday (naked!)


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