Thursday, April 03, 2008

I too have seen the error of my ways

I too have seen the error of my ways and irrational thoughts (see PCs list below my letter to the editor)

Letter to the Editor, April 1

I would like to apologise for criticising the views of all my previous opponents, and say that they were correct.

Council should build a museum immediately, regardless of the cost, ongoing maintenance and running costs. Ratepayers should stop wingeing and be grateful.

No WAY should we be responsible for our actions.
Bureaucrats and government should be made responsible for everything we do IMMEDIATELY.

Jim Anderton is THE MAN! - Chosing to ignore history is a stroke of genius, because as we all know prohibition is so effective.

Government must take control of every supermarket, Shoe shop, and chip shop ASAP. They’re making such a success of running the education and health system that we cannot afford for them not to be running these things a moment longer.

If people don’t want to work WHY SHOULD THEY.
They have every right to get a wage, paid for by the taxpayers for doing nothing.

I want to be FORCED to pay tax so the government can do the above.
The use of force is such a civilised concept - it should be used more.

There should be NO freedom of speech.
It hurts peoples feelings if somebody says something about them that they don’t like

Castro, Guevara, Hitler, Dillon, Pankhurst, Brooke and all those who want to use force upon others to get what they think is right should be praised and reverred because what they want to force us to do is for our own good, and we should be grateful!

Cannabis is as evil as methamphetamine! All Pot smokersand party-pill takers are criminals and should be thrown in jail.


From NotPC

I recant.

I've taken some time away to rethink things, and I have to say upon close reflection that all my opponents are correct. About everything. I recant completely of all my former heresies, and hereby embrace all the contradictions of my former opponents. This I now believe:

* We are all our brother's keepers -- we must be forced to keep our brothers. Any other notion is immoral, not to say evil.
* It's sexist to say "brothers." It's judgemental to say "evil"!
* It's not my fault -- I was made that way. It's not bad behaviour, it's bad luck. No one is responsible for bad behaviour: We have no free will; society is to blame.
* We can't ever know anything about the past, we know nothing for certain about the present, but we can accurately project the future to three decimal places.
* Wot's reality?
* If the UN says it, then it must be right.
* If it's in Wikipedia, then it has to be right (especially if the subject is controversial).
* If George Bush says it, then it has to be wrong (especially if the subject is controversial).
* Global warming is man-made. We did it. We did it here, we did it on Mars and Venus, we did it in the Medieval period, we did it in the early twentieth century. We are all to blame.
* Al Gore is always right. I love Saint Al, and look forward to helping him save the planet.
* The Greens are always right. I love Jeanette, and look forward to helping her clear her gorse.
* We have plenty of power, and no need to worry. All forms of alternative energy are absolutely reliable, but nuclear energy is not.
* But we are running out of resources, and the price system is incapable of letting us know in time. We are a virus on the planet and should be wiped out. (After you, please. I do believe in courtesy.)
* We have plenty of wealth in New Zealand, and no need to catch up with the rest of the developed world. In fact, no need even to be in the developed world. Industry is so last century.
* Islamist violence will go away if we just ignore it. Can't we just all get along?
* Crime will go away if we just ignore it. Can't we just stop being judgemental (see above under 'Society is to blame anyway.')
* Tax is good, and more tax is better. Except on Tuesdays.
* You didn't earn your money anyway - society let you have it. Be grateful.
* You can't run your own life; you need politicians and planners to run it for you. Be grateful.
* Minimum wage laws raise wages for everybody. We should raise minimum wages to twenty, thirty, forty dollars an hour -- and force all employers to hire extra staff. Be grateful we let you have staff ... or a business.
* The way to lower housing costs is to force house-builders to build low-cost houses. Building inspectors always know what they're doing.
* The way to lower the cost of land is to restrict its supply. Planners always know what they're doing.
* The way to lower the cost of money is to nationalise it. Central bankers always know what they're doing.
* The way to promote business activity is to increase compliance costs.
* The way to protect individual rights is for the government to redefine them.
* The way to protect individual responsibilities is for the government to assume them.
* Businessmen are all thieves. Thank goodness for bureaucrats.
* Politicians are all honest. Thank goodness journalists don't bother them with hard questions.
* Anonymous commenters are absolutely justified in insulting people who aren't themselves anonymous -- and absolutely correct to complain when other bloggers use obvious pseudonyms to protect themselves. Thank goodness we have unrueful people unwilling to put their name to their comments to keep the rest of us honest.
* Thank goodness too that we have sub-standard bloggers who, while unwilling to put their names to their own posts, are nonetheless willing to insist that political advertisers put their names and addresses on their ads.
* People are right to feel aggrieved when speakers at large functions don't personally stroke them. Thank goodness for sleazy con-men who do.
* Voters are right to feel aggrieved when politicians offer real choices. Thank goodness for sleazy con-men who don't.
* It's sexist to say "con-men."
* It's racist to say "one law for all." It's not racist however to say that one race should have special courts, special legal privileges, and special voting rights.


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