Saturday, April 26, 2008

National Party back in the telephone business again - Oh No!

Oh No! In their attempt to bribe you to vote for them with the money they stole from you in the first place, National intend to talk you round by getting government back into the telephone business again by promising Broadband for all!.
Remember the last time government were in the telephone business! - It took 6 months to get your phone connected!
Anybody that falls for THIS promise has learnt absolutely NOTHING from history and should go back to school (preferably not the same school system that they also run, - they will only offer to teach you what they want you to learn there)
All the major political parties have to offer are identical versions of Nanny State, who will shamelessly steal control of your lives and your property, and just because you are sick of the red team doesn't mean the blue team is the answer to the problem! - It most definitely is NOT so don't be sucked in by a gormless smile - because the lights are on, but theres nobody in the kitchen!


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