Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Socialist Berserkers in a bloodlust for other peoples money!

Joyce Adams and her ilk would love it if I stopped complaining! - They would then be able to go about the business of taking other peoples money and property unopposed.

It must be very inconvenient when individuals put up a fight whilst being robbed of their rights and private property! - If only they would keep quiet like the majority of the sheeple!

I have a deal for all the chardonnay socialists out there. If they stop trying to take my money, dictating what I can and cannot do with my life, and taking out mortgages on my grandchildrens life to pay for museums etc, then I will stop complaining about it, but until they put a stop to their thievery, I will fight them every step of the way!

Like Mothers for museums who want to take the subject of the museum “out of the political arena” Why? So they can harrass council - unopposed - for a share of the ratepayers loot! It’s much easier when nobody puts up a fight.

I have better things to do than be on the constant lookout for thieves, and looters who all have a better idea how to spend the money I earn than I do, but they just wont leave me alone.

I spend a great deal of my time in an effort to expose their immoral addiction to other peoples money in the hope of helping others beat the addiction of dependance on state and council,
but some people are like a shark with a taste for blood - they just can’t stop themselves.

If only these people would just go home and slip into something more comfortable . . .!

Like a COMA.


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