Monday, May 26, 2008

TECT Refunds and Property Rights

Here is a brief rundown of the situation.

A Power Company in the Tauranga area gave shares of the company to all the people who used it.
A board of trustees is elected each year by the shareholders (I am one)
Every year profits are shared out to the shareholders, and we each get a cheque of about $150-200.

It recently was brought to the publics attention - (not that the situation was ever HIDDEN,) that if they sent the shareholders ALL of the profits, they would get about $300 - $400 EACH

The TRUSTEES who have been voted in, chose various CHARITIES, and give out money to those they think are worthy - some of whom are community things like the Rescue Helicopter. - some are golf clubs or Kindys etc
One is an ARTS group (ref to Tracey Ruddock below)
A couple of people have been voted onto the board by saying that the money belongs to the SHAREHOLDERS, and it should ALL go to them.
It has become quite a topic with all the looters and beneficiaries of TECT handouts trying to talk people into voting these people OFF, otherwise their handouts would cease.

I do not deny that some of the charities are worthy, community causes, but the fact remains that there is a lolly scramble for other peoples money, and it is not RIGHT.

Besides, people are quite able to donate money to charities of their own choice should they chose to do so. The more money in peoples pockets, leaves them in a better position to AFFORD to give to charities.

Many of the trustees of TECT have such a low opinion of people that they think they must be FORCED, and I am against this.

Here is a letter to the editor of the BOP Times. I doubt it will be published as it is over 200 words long. MEANWHILE, the LOOTERS are out in FORCE - several letters to the editor, and 2 columnists - Tracey Ruddock, and Tommy Kapai pleading for TECT Shareholders to vote away the rights and property of others.


Imagine what life would be like without property rights!

If you wanted something, all you would had to do was take it by FORCE!

If somebody had money, and you wanted it, all you’d have to do was take it off of them, perhaps persuade some friends to help you take it off of them - strength in numbers!

This is how savages, and those who do not live in the civilised, world gain - and lose - wealth! - By conquest - Strength and brute force!

Property rights, capitalism and freedom of the individual, are amongst the most SACRED things in a CIVILISED society, yet all I hear lately are people attempting to destroy, remove and DISTORT them.

This is why people - like myself - spend so much time trying to defend and educate people on the importance of property rights, and the immorality of force, whether by the individual, government or council!

I am talking about the TECT lolly-scramble with other peoples money!

I agree that many of the charities of the TECT lolly-scramble are worthy causes, but will just one person admit that It is NOT their money - Pure and simple FACT - it belongs to the Trustees.

What is more, the sound of the squealing from those whose “funding” is at risk is pitifull and demeaning.
Have these LOOTERS become so dependant on other peoples money, that they no longer know how to earn it?

The arts community will not suddenly collapse just because Tracey Ruddock doesnt get her $250,000 worth of other peoples money!

Now Tommy Kapai invites you to VOTE AWAY the property rights of others. He seeks to accomplish or achieve a “GOOD” via IMMORAL actions, and that is WRONG, and despite the fact that the charities of which he speaks have existed for DECADES funded by un-forced community spirit and charitability of VOLUNTEERS!

It is NOT community spirit - it is THEFT!

Charity is a VOLUNTARY thing, NOT a thing of FORCE or SLAVERY.

If we agree to hold other peoples property rights with such disregard, then perhaps we could all vote on what charity to donate Tommy, Tracey, and Graeme Purchases wages to - it is the SAME THING.

There’s much talk of TRANSPARENCY, yet some seem happy to hide behind words of deception like TAX and FUNDING, when it suits them, regardless of the MORALITY of their actions.


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