Friday, May 30, 2008

The REAL REASON petrol prices are so high


Inspired by an article on the best blog in the WORLD - NotPC, I decided to initiate my OWN SPAM email, based upon the old "pass this on to 10 people and Bill Gates will send you $100, or something good will happen to you" chestnut.

The only difference here is that something good really will happen! You will be bringinging awareness to people that it is BIG GOVERNMENT that is responsible for the high fuel costs! maybe 1 or 2 will actually NOT VOTE for MORE GOVERNMENT CONTROL in the future.

Oh well - we all have a DREAM I suppose!

The REAL REASON petrol prices are so high

We’ve all received those emails telling us to boycott BP/Mobil/Shell/Caltex to “send a signal” that their “profiteering” has to end, and pump prices come down.


If you want to know who takes the largest chunk of local pump prices think again -- it’s not the oil companies, it’s your government.

Despite economic illiterates bleating about the “exorbitant profits” oil companies are making, the money ripped of by the Government from oil and petrol dwarfs the amount earned by the oil companies who actually produce the stuff.

Personally, I am happy to contribute to rising profits of oil corporations and I thank them for delivering the goods successfully.

At the same time I am annoyed at politicians, both domestic and foreign, who are hobbling production efforts, collecting enormous taxes, and promoting false sympathy for the consumer’s pain.

For all that money that the unproductive (government) steal from the productive (oil companies) motorists get the joy of watching most of their money head down the black hole of big government to buy even bigger government with even greater powers to hobble production, collect more enormous taxes, and cry more crocodile tears over the motorist’s plight.

Think about this next time you pull up at the pump, or receive one of those illiterate emails. Would you rather give more money to those whose goal appears to be the long-term strangulation of oil production? Or to those who make the long-term reduction of oil prices possible?

In fact, don’t just think about it: do something.

Next time you hear a politician saying there’s nothing they can do about high oil prices, write a letter saying


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