Monday, June 16, 2008

The real dope on the dopes

A corner dairy in Matua that was manned by the families young son was recently held up by thugs who jumped the counter and stole cigarettes

Here is my letter to the editor concerning this all too frequent occurence.


It’s sad isn’t it?

Yet another dairy held up - another innocent family traumatised, as thieves hold them up for cigarettes!

You know what the really sad thing is?

It’s your fault!


Because you keep voting for governments who do not promote personal responsibility. (The National party’s constitution incorrectly states that they “do,” but it’s just another of their flip-flops!)
Because smokers are a drain on the sick system (I mean health system) they must make cigarettes artificially expensive, to pay for those demands.

But if we were not deterred from being responsible for our own health by being forced to pay for the failing health system, smokers could afford to have private health care, consequently making cigaretttes a fraction of the price!

Cigarettes are so expensive that those who want them have to resort to the armed robbery of innocent people to get them. Cigarette smokers would be more than happy to sit at home with a cup of tea and have a cigarette, rather than have to go on an armed robbery to get the smokes first!

Just like most people who do drugs would rather sit at home and quietly get smashed rather than have to go out and commit armed robbery to get the cash to purchase the drugs first!
The lives of “Innocent” kiwi’s are being put at risk in direct relation to laws made by governments-elected by you - to save us from ourselves!

Smokers choose to do harm to themselves. Shopkeepers don’t choose to be the victims of robbery - the government has done that for them!

People commit crimes because they “want” drugs, not because they are “on” drugs.
Government are trying to save the lives of one group of people (who know the risks they take), whilst putting everybody else in danger! - Its bloody stupid!

If you are looking for somebody to blame, look no further than those who tick boxes before considering the “real” facts when they vote!


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