Monday, June 16, 2008

Petrol prices only $1.25 Litre (the rest is Government tax)

What a bloody joke!

How stupid do they think we are?

“Very stupid” it seems!

The government are appointing a “fuel commissioner” (there goes more taxpayers cash down the drain) to monitor fuel prices.

Have you considered the following?

Oil companies would be willing to sell petrol to you at $1.25 a litre!

The rest of the cost is made up of “government tax!”

For their $1.25, fuel companies prospect for crude oil, mine it, refine it, market it, and deliver it around the world! A very fair price I reckon for the standar of living that refined oil allows us to benefit from!

So what does government do to justify doubling that figure?
I would like to see petrol stations advertising their fuel as $1.25 “plus government tax”
All government are doing is frantically looking for somebody else to pin the blame on for high fuel costs!

They are searching high and low for a “smoking gun” when they are squeezing the trigger with their own thieving fingers.

I suggest commerce minister Lianne Dalzeil look in the mirror, where she will get an eye-witness look at the offender - I suggest she handcuff the culprit immediately - give herself a good talking to - maybe even rough-herself up a little - try and knock some sense into herself or is there a law against beating yourself!


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