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Larry Baldock and the Kiwi Party

So, Larry Baldock of the Kiwi Party is confident that he can win the Tauranga seat!

I heard it said on the radio that people know who he is now because of his anti-smacking petition!

Here is my letter to the local newspaper concerning Larry Baldock and the Kiwi Party- and all the other parties that are different shades of the same colour of interference!


Yes, Larry Baldock is correct! We do know who he is, and what he stands for! Just another variation of everything we hate the present government for that’s what!

Another version of nanny state! Another version of compulsion! Another version of somebody who knows how to run your life better than you do! Somebody that wants to tell you how you should run your life, spend the money that you earn, and what you can and cannot do with your own body. Just another unprincipled bureaucrat that will take money from others by force, and promise to spend it on things that he thinks they should have or need.

Another person willing to trample, and destroy the rights of the minority, instead of defending them. Yes, I know exactly who Larry Baldock and the Kiwi party is - they are the colour purple that you get when you mix the policies of the other parties on the left - the red and the blue team! - Just another shade of interference!

When you add to that the black of Winston First, and the green of the greens you get a dirty shade of sludge brown - , a colour perfectly representative of the dirty, unprincipled politics they are all guilty of, and who you continue to vote for, and complain about when you get what you ask for!


Blogger Elijah Lineberry said...

I think he must be delusional if he thinks they will win Tauranga or even return to Parliament after the General Election.

11:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your delusional!!!
- Larrys a legend!! what is there to dislike about the guy, he stood up to the pricks in Wellington - he's stood up for what over 80% of New Zealand wanted (a change in the anti smacking law) and he's a true Bay Boy at heart!!
I hope he does take Tauranga!

12:02 am  
Blogger The Tomahawk Kid said...

First of all anonymous person grow some testicles and stop hiding behind the anonymous identity - that is unless you are ashamed of saying what you have to say (which is understandable after reading your post!)

You are the delusional one - voting for Larry on the premise that he is a bay boy at heart, as if that is enough to make what he thinks RIGHT!

You are also delusional because you refuse to understand that he is just another version of nanny state! - somebody who wants to continue taking your money, and spend it on doing things HIS WAY!

You are also delusional for failing to understand that Larry wants to take away the rights of the minority! He wants to FORCE THEM to do things that the majority want! That is not doing what is RIGHT - it is MOB RULE it is trampling on the rights of the individual by a gang of BULLIES!
NO anonymous person - you are the delusional one
One of the TRUE RIGHTS of the individual is to USE THEIR BRAIN FOR THINKING - try doing this before Larry Baldock gets in and the majority make it illegal!

8:50 am  
Anonymous John Pearce said...

Your suck a cock sucker!
- if you could do a better you would!!(but your not!!) go fuck yourself!!

p.s your bands shit - and i'm writing a review on them for the paper!!

11:01 pm  
Blogger The Tomahawk Kid said...

ha ha ha ha!

Now that is something I shall look forward to!

Somebody that can barely string two words together to make a sentence that can be understood writing a review for the paper!

ha ha ha ha!

This is the mentality of those we are defending ourselves and our property from ladies and gentlemen!
Property rights and the rights of the individual take a back seat now because John Pearce thinks my band sucks!

These morons have no intelligent answer to the problems in question, so in their frustration in not being able to express themselves attack the PERSON instead.

Instead of changing the subject, try explaining how Larrys take on property rights (ie MOB RULE) is morally right (I know - that word morally has 3 syllables, but if you try really hard . . . )

5:21 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am voting for Larry Baldock's Kiwi Party. I have carefully read his website and spoken to him personally and found him to be a worthy representative. I believe you are mistaken about his policies, to my knowledge he is the only person who is standing up for what the people want. Go well Larry, You have 3 votes from this home.

11:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is TheKiwiParty's policies. Where is your gripe in there??

Repeal the ‘anti-smacking’ law.
Establish a Royal Commission to understand and address the wider causes of family breakdown, violence, and child abuse.
Invest in pre-marriage, marriage and parenting courses through faith based, charity, iwi and third sector organisations to rebuild a positive marriage culture.
Require parents/guardians to be informed and to give consent for girls under sixteen seeking an abortion.

Reduce the threshold for citizens referenda to 5% of those who voted in the last election.
Establish a criteria for binding referenda.
Subject all Members Bills to a binding referenda before becoming law.

Law and Order
Criminalise buying the services of a street prostitute and re-criminalisation of ‘living off the proceeds of the prostitution of others’.
Hold a binding referendum on New Zealand’s attitude to the sale of sexual services.
Establish a special police force to focus on gang related crime.
Establish a voluntary police force.
Separate police and traffic officers.

Establish night courts to deal with backlog of cases.
Ensure there are powers for judges to pursue truth.
Award restitution to victims of property crime by the offender.
Consistency in sentencing.

Drugs and Alcohol
Raise the drinking age back to twenty.
Change harm minimisation to harm elimination with regards to drug control programs including random drug testing in schools.
Increase the number of addiction recovery and detox programmes.
Sentence for Class A drug manufacture and distributors be the same as for murder.

Set a national goal of home purchase affordability at four times the average annual wage.
Remove artificial urban boundaries to increase land supply.
Fund some infrastructure investment by Local and Central Government bonds.

Allocate universal student allowances for full time students.
Allow funding to follow the student, including those home schooled.
Restore effective discipline in schools with parental consent.

Employment and Income
Raise minimum wage to $15 per hour with an offsetting tax credit to employers.
Remove the Superannuation Lag to boost income by at least $17 per week for a married couple.
Give tax rebate for health insurance.
Retain health professionals through debt write-off incentives.
Provide balanced counselling and comprehensive information for those considering abortions.
Reduce waiting lists in Public Hospitals by utilising Private Health facilities.

Outdoor Recreation
Ban aerial application of 1080.
Reclassify Game animals.
Establish local management for marine areas.
Protect Kiwi’s common law right to recreational fishing.

Withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol.
Restore waterways.
Expand energy efficient housing.
Use more solar energy.
Concentrate on tree planting and re- forestation.
Increase development of alternative energy and use of New Zealand’s lignite resources.
Oppose politicisation of science.

Introduce income splitting for couples with children to reduce the tax burden on the family.
Remove GST off Rates.
Introduce a programme to donate to a charity of your choice up to $100 p.a. of your taxes.
Allocate a percentage of GST from Central Government to Local government.
Investigate replacing Road User Charges and Petrol Tax with GST income for transport.
Sell down up to 20% of SOE’s and invest the funds into infrastructure and development.

Violent Crime
Remove bail, parole or home detention for those convicted of a violent crime.
Restore victims rights to have precedence over criminals rights.
Require compulsory DNA testing for everyone convicted of a crime.

11:12 am  
Blogger The Tomahawk Kid said...


Larry Baldock is probably a very nice person - and I dont say that in a condescending tone>

Larrys vision for New Zealand is GREAT - I am sure he only wants what is best for New Zealand - just as we all do - what is WRONG is how he hopes to achieve it.

His goal is admirable, but his way of achieving it is WRONG and immoral. It contravenes property rights, and the rights of the individual in favour of the MOB.

Larrys party will hold referendum on the issues. ie - the majority WIN.

To put this more simply so you may understand:

out of 100 people, if 51 vote for something, that means they have the majority, SO 49 PEOPLE HAVE THEIR RIGHTS TRAMPLED ON for the sake of 1 person.

Please explain how that is moral or right to destroy the individual rights of almost half the voters!

WHY should those 51 people FORCE their view upon 49 people?

Larry wants to achieve his vision by MOB RULE.

He wants to rule by the COUNTING of HEADS, and not THE QUALITY of the THOUGHTS IN THOSE HEADS.

Larry says people can drink booze but cant take Cannabis or other drugs! Who does he think he is? GOD!
Booze kills people and destroys families every day, yet it is acceptable to him. Not one death is yet to be attributed to cannabis, yet he would imprison people for using it!
This is cowardly, and hypocritical, and is a direct attack on individual rights.
Make them both legal, and let the individual chose. ANYBODY committing a crime AGAINST ANOTHER PERSON OR THEIR PROPERTY under the influence of EITHER should be imprisoned. (by the way, I do not take drugs in case you are wondering, although a little valium is looking more and more necessary!)
Larry will FORCE me to continue to pay for the failing Government-run health and education systems, and in doing so, prevent my family from being able to afford the best medical care and education available.

Larry wants to take a portion of MY wages, and give it to university students!
How about I pay for my children to go to university, and you pay for yours.

Larry says people should be prevented (by FORCE AGAIN) not to do things with THEIR body that he (or the majority) disagree with.
This is OUTRAGEOUS - what a bloody bully!

I dislike prostitution as much as anybody, but it is nobodys business what somebody else does with their body.

I have NEVER seen a prostitute serving a client. Therefore to object to what they are doing, is to object to a SMUTTY THOUGHT in your OWN DIRTY MIND!

If they do it in PUBLIC - BUST THEIR ASS, if they do it in PRIVATE it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

The rights of the individual are SACRED and should NOT be up for the VOTE.

Once again, Larry is NOT a BAD MAN and his vision for New Zealand is not BAD - I want all of those things he wants it is just his METHOD OF ACHIEVING THEM that is BAD.

He wants to fix all the BAD things in New Zealand, but he wants to fix them by doing OTHER BAD THINGS.

Didn't your mother tell you that 2 wrongs don't make a right!

3:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah - 2 wrongs don't make a right!
1, Your wife left you because your a tosser!
2, You band still sucks!

2:01 am  

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