Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tauranga Top Town Nonsense

I have nothing against the Top Town concept, in fact it can be quite entertaining, EXCEPT for the fact that the teams will be paid to compete by the local COUNCILS - or should I say RATEPAYERS.

I don't know how the teams were funded in the past, but I can't imagine the local council fronted up with $30,000 for a few locals to play some silly games - no matter how prestigious the title!

This is the figure Tauranga City Mayor Stuart Crosby said it would cost to enter Tauranga into the Top Town competition.

The Tauranga mayor said that Tauranga will not win the Top Town competition this year because the council was not funding a team to compete.

Here is my letter in reply


Whatever shall we do? The mayor says Tauranga won’t win top town because “the council is not paying!”
This is the unadulterated bollocks* you are fed by unprincipled socialists. This is what you have been brainwashed to accept as “normal! Well here is some news! It is not moral, it is corrupt!
You have been led to believe that because council or government does not fund something that it will not get done, and that if it is not funded (via money taken from other people against their will) by council you will not win! Peoples minds have been turned to mush by government molesters-of-the-mind (schools) This kind of public conditioning makes my stomach churn.
I believe the contrary! That a town NOT funded by its council is more likely to win! Why? Because if a group of determined individuals have to put their heart and soul into fundraising and getting together what it takes to compete, they are not going to go there for a holiday - they will be going there to WIN! - to gain the maximum return for their efforts Whereas a council-funded team who don’t have to raise anything, apart from their arm to take other peoples cash have nothing to lose. They simply hold out their hand for another cheque next year.

The mayor should end the lolly-scramle for ratepayers money on frivolities and do everything he can to help , not impede his employers (ratepayers) in achieving their recreational pursuits.

In these days of economic recession mayors should be looking for ways to “reduce” spending instead of looking for “new” ways to spend money that is not theirs

There are many ways council could assist those wishing to compete in Top Town without resorting to rape and pillage of the ratepayers beforehand.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes i think your right on this Iam a member of the canterbury crushers team. our winning determination is of little value to some of our members but mine is to win above all. Taupo I hope use do well,

8:39 pm  

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