Monday, October 06, 2008

When is a right not a right?

In his attempt to appear rational John Reid is adding up one plus one, and upon arriving at the inevitable answer (which he does not like,) desperately tries to justify coming to three! This is a perfect example why the state should not be entrusted with educating our children.

I am not debating rights, I am stating facts! and if there is one thing I have learnt it is “You may IGNORE the facts, but you cannot ignore the CONSEQUENCES of ignoring the facts!”

John says “most would agree that all have a right to be fed and housed!” This is incorrect! Where does such a right come from? There is no such “right.”

The dictionary says the “WORD” rights means “something you are entitled to,” but that is not the “MEANING of RIGHTS!” and I stand by my previous statement that “a right is something that you do not have to ask somebody elses permission for!”

You have the right to breath and think (although many chose not to use the second option!) because you do not have to ask permission from anybody to do them. You do NOT have a RIGHT to an education, or free health care, or welfare or a letter in a newspaper because these are things that you must be given.

When these so-called rights are given to you by a government, the ability for them to do this necessitates they must first take the property from somebody else. They are given to you at somebody elses disadvantage! These are not rights, they are privileges.

Generations have now been led to believe - via a government-run education system - that these are now rights!

Politicians are notorious for doing things that people do not like, so they give them a new name so it doesn’t sound so bad ie - stealing Telecoms property was called “unbundling” and taking a portion of peoples wages every week under threats of fines or jail if they do not comply is called tax and not theft!

Irresponsible people having children they cannot afford to feed are taking - by force - food from the mouths of my children - please explain why I should not object to this?

How many children I chose to have is nobody elses business as long as I am prepared to provide for them, and do not place the burden of their upkeep on somebody else. If I choose to work 80 hours a week that is my business - not yours. I recommend a prescription of “mind-your-own-business" to remedy the ailment from which you, and a large number of busybodies in this country are suffering.


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