Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ban the IRD - One-armed bandits to be banned by two-armed government bandits! That's hardly fair is it?

Did anybody else notice the similarities between Pokie machines and the ird in sub-editor David Smiths editorial?

The following letter (which unfortunately will not make it to print because it is about 390 words long instead of 200) paraphrases his editorial.

The words in RED in brackets are the sub-editors words
Words in GREEN my words


Some taxpayers (gamblers) have been hounded to take their own life by the ird.

Every facet of government (pokie machines) is designed to lure and hook people which explains why those who call for more of it are up 80%.

Well over $2.3 million is taken (by force) by the ird (by pokie machines)every day!(pokies are voluntary!)

There will undoubtedly be resistance to banning the ird (pokie machines) as almost all New Zealanders have become dependants of the system and have become accustomed to calling for government handouts instead of funding things themselves.

A whopping $950 million of other peoples money was lost by government (by gamblers playing pokie machines) last year - wasted on anti-smacking laws, fart taxes, hip-hop tours and god-knows what else.

No doubt the proceeds taken by the ird (pokie machines) do good in our communities but that doesn’t outweigh the harm done in collecting the money (not to mention the fact that money taken from others under threat of jail or fines is blackmail, and theft - they just call it tax because it sounds better.)

The ird (pokie machines) would hardly be a great loss to society. They are programmed to take your money, and addicted citizens are doomed to lose.

They pay users to sit mindlessly in dimly-lit rooms instead of encouraging them to seek employment.

The sub-editor mentions what next? legalise P and share the profits with the Salvation Army? Government don’t seem to mind reaping the profits from exhorbitant taxes on cigarettes! What’s the difference?

What a bunch of hypocrits the Green party are too! They will ban Pokie machines but legalise cannabis!

David say “if sports groups and community organisations need money that desperately then government should be stumping up with more funding! - What are they? - a bloody money tree?

What un-principled arrogance!

To do this, government must first STEAL IT FROM THE PRODUCTIVE!

Therefore this means that David thinks its unacceptable to do something that is “voluntary” but it is OK to take peoples money by force!” That makes sense - NOT!

Something that “is” worth protecting David are the rights of the individual; to do with their life and body they chose so long as they pose no force or threat to anybody else. It should be the SOLE DUTY of government to protect these rights, and not impose force


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