Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another dairy robbed for cigarettes (yawn)

Why is the life of a smoker more important to the government than the life of a non-smoker?

Why do government try to protect smokers while treating non-smokers like sacrificial lambs?

It is Kiwis who want a say in what others can or can't do with their lives who vote these politicians in (appeasers I call them) that give them the power to do make these laws - oh, and the fact that they reap a kings ransome in tax could have something to do with it!

Every time a dairy or servo gets robbed for cigarettes these questions cross my mind.

Armed robbers put the lives of innocent shop-keepers at risk in direct relation to your governments high taxes on cigarettes.
That makes it YOUR FAULT that innocent Kiwis are murdered because YOU gave principle-bereft politicians the power to do it!

In their attempt to save the lives of one group of people who voluntarilly chose to put their own lives at risk (smokers), they are directly putting the lives of a different group in danger.

The sole purpose of government should be to protect its citizens from danger and the use of force, but what does our government do? - It inflicts them upon us itself.
I refuse to vote for any party that purposely makes laws that puts my life in danger, and I cannot understand why anybody would!

I am sick to death of the hand-wringing and headlines of feigned surprise and shock every time this happens, when it would be the easiest thing in the world to end by simply minding your own business, and cease giving power to principle-less bureaucrats
When the so-called cure is worse than the problem it is time to question your motives


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