Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun Police strike at Tauranga Baywave AGAIN

A local Tauranga man wrote a letter to the BOP Times complaining about Political Correctness, and being Nannyed.

He was at the local council-funded swimming pool playing with his son - boosting him up into the air to do a flip. The pool attendant insisted that he stop immediately.

A while back, a grandmother was taking photos of her grandchildren in the pool, and was told to stop.

Here is my letter to the paper on the subject.

I sympathise with your correspondent who was beset-upon by the fun police, in the council-run swimmingpool, but I can’t help think to myself that people are getting what they deserve!

If you disagree with this interference in your life, stop giving them permission to do it - simple!

The more you demand council do for you, the more they will be forced to interfere in your life. It’s the height of stupidity to give your permission to people to do things you do not like, and it is annoying when upon getting what you demanded, you moan about it!

There is an alternative to bureaucratic interference in your life. At every local election there have been Libertarian candidates who vehemently oppose it, but you keep voting for the candidates who promise to give you the “most,” instead of the candidates who promise to interfere in your life and your finances the “least.”

Greed and envy see too many concentrating on getting a bit of what belongs to somebody else, (immoral) Instead of concentrating on keeping whats theirs (moral). Unless you are happy complaining its time you learnt to identify the difference between those who will interfere and rob you, and those who won’t. It is up to you, but please cease moaning when you get what you ask for.
I suggest your correspondent go to a pool that is not council-funded, where he and his children can have as much fun as they like.


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