Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Parking problem in Tauranga

The answer to the parking problem in Tauranga is simple, but it will never be fixed because council will not like the solution, and of course admitting to guilt is not an option.

Remove the council from having anything to do with parking.

Hand the collection and administration of car parking over to the retailers whose livelihood depends upon attracting shoppers to the area.
Council could set parking at $50 per hour - it makes no difference to them whether people come in to town to shop apart from collecting a revenue from the parking meters and fines.

Where is the expense in parking anyway? It is in expensive, council imposed parking systems, the wages of parking nazis, bloated bureaucracy and the cost of parking buildings.

Council have manufactured a problem, and now they are demanding that the retailers have to pay for their inefficiencies.

The downtown shopping area was created by the free market, and once it was successful, it was hijacked and taken over by council - instigated by misguided people demanding council do things for them. They have now milked it for all it is worth, and now it is struggling are looking for free market methods to fix it.

Poor old Rick is fighting a losing battle if he thinks the statists will loosen their thieving grasp on this little cash cow anytime in the near future.


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