Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New Zealands Most Stupid law Competition - Aucklands entry

Just read on the front page of the NZ Herald that Auckland council are passing a law that forbids BUSKERS from playing a song more than once every hour!!!!!!!!!


Does that mean you can play a 45 minute version of Sweet Jane, but Not 2 x 5 minute versions?

Who is going to police this law?

Its just like the law that was passed forbidding children to go faster than 5kph on their skateboards on the footpath - fucking stupid! with a capital "F."

Are they going to allocate some council TWAT in grey zip-up shoes and a clipboard to stand there with each busker and write down what songs they play and then bust them if they play a song twice?

Does this apply only to buskers who have applied for a council-approved busking licence, or does it apply to tourists or travelling buskers also?

What if you are walking down Queen Street and accidentally whistle the same song twice - can you get busted?


I cant wait till my band gets to play at the next festival in Auckland - I am going to play the same song several times and see if we can get ourselves busted
I wonder what the charge sheet will say?

In the good old days musicians used to have to resort to trashing hotel room, chucking TVs out of windows, doing drugs or getting drunk and disorderly to get arrested, but now all you have to do is play the same song twice.

How about this for a rule!

Councillors, and the appeasers who allow rules this bloody stupid to become law are placed in stocks in the city centre for a day, and then removed from council payroll immediately.

Perhaps we should start a competition to see which city passes the most STUPID law.
Suggestions on your city's most stupid law on the back of a postcard (or reply here:)


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