Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reply to Derrin Richards

I must apologise! It appears I overlooked the clause in my contract as a freelance music columnist with the BOP Times that says I must only write things that Derrin Richards agrees with and wants to read.

Derrin has contacted me on a previous occasion telling me what I should and should not be writing about, and how tedious and disappointing my column is reliving the glory days of events and local musicians - many of whom are “not much to get excited about anyway” according to Richards.

Richards derides me for a lack of research and absence of fact, to which I respond that my research is extensive and the facts I staunchly defend (albeit not of his mainstream or popular belief.) If people read my column in the hope of reading regurgitated, mindless feelgood PC propaganda they are clearly reading the wrong column!

I have made quite clear from the start that " the right note column" is “my” point of view, on topics related to the music business of “my” choice, and that is the way it will remain until somebody else is asked to write the column or I become tired of justifying to moaners my interest in local musical history and the hijacking of one of my greatest passions by governments and bureaucrats.

Until then (and without compulsion I might add!) you can continue to read articles on music related issues of a historic local content, and things that I believe are relevant to musicians of all or should I say most persuasions.


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