Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Busybody Mary Brook

An 11 year old girl wrote a letter to the newspaper commenting on a tobacco discounter shop that has opened in town, and that she would like it to be banned.

I replied to her saying first that I congratulated her for being motivated enough to write a letter, but that perhaps she could consider the following:

Replace the word tobacco in her letter with Chocolate - Now what did she think?
Far better to educate people that smoking is bad instead of banning it, and let people decide what they want to do with their own bodies instead of using force upon them to ban something she may disagree with.

A regular letter writer and National Party cheerleader Mary Brook, who disagrees with everything I say wrote a letter attacking me for picking on an 11 year old!
Here is my reply.

The people I target in my letters are those immoral individuals who feel they have the right to use force upon others to get what they want.

These people become quite irate when somebody dares stand up to their bullyish demands and puts up a defence for their rights and property instead of just rolling over like good sheeple.

And should 11 year old girls be left to believe they have a right to use force upon other people to ban things they dont agree with, they will likely grow up to be interfering old busybodies later in life.

Busybodies who, not content to mind their own business and run their own lives, insist on interfering and minding other peoples business.

I give credit where it is due, and my first line congratulated the young letter writer for her efforts, and I made a suggestion (as opposed to force like Mary Brook would) that she consider an alternative.

When Mary Brook and her ilk are ready to persuade me to change my mind with principled ideas, truth and facts, I will be ready to listen, but while they resort to force, threats and coercion, I will defend my rights and my property till my last breath.


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