Thursday, October 29, 2009

More irrational national party flag waving

Rabid National party flag waver and BOP Times newspaper letter writer Mary Brook had a letter in the newspaper tonight licking the National party's boots and saying how wonderful it is that they are doing something to rid us of the evil drug "P".

I do not disagree with her that the drug "P" is evil. What I resent are cheerleaders to a bunch of thieves who take my money by force with threats of jail and fines if I resist, who SAY they want to rid us of the evil drug, but continue to do things that they KNOW DAMN WELL DO NOT WORK, because they are too GUTLESS to do the only thing that WILL - that being to legalise all drugs.

I do not suggest that tomorrow drugs should be made legal - we have been taught to be too irresponsible for that to happen. Socialised health care and interfering nanny state governments have stripped generations of Kiwis of common sense and responsibility of which a great deal would have to be restored before we could be entrusted with legal drugs.

Here is my response to Mary Brook, Tauranga National Party cheerleader


Mary Brook once again engages in the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. No guessing who didn’t get an A pass for school C history eh!

If she thinks the actions of her beloved National party-who she champions right or wrong-will make the slightest bit of difference in the availability of the drug “P” then she must have spent the last 100 years on a different planet, because the history of this one says it won’t.

Any drug you so desire is available in the most secure prisons in the country - how on earth does she and her sycophantic supporters expect to stop the availability of them out in the big wide world.

You are welcome to keep banging your head against a brick wall, although I guarantee the last time you bang it will hurt just as much as the first time - it’s just a shame you insist on wasting other peoples money in doing so.

The real solution to minimise the harm of drugs would be too unpopular for any political party to successfully campaign on, and so we have to put up with the totally ineffectual pretence and posturing of the national Party in their efforts to convince you they are doing something about it while knowing it wont do a thing! - Its a big con job, and you are the victims.

The real tragedy is that you continue to give them your permission to keep up the charade - and then complain when it doesn’t work! - sheesh!


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