Monday, June 21, 2010

Italy are a bunch of cheats

I said it 4 years ago when the only way the Italian football team could win against Australia was to cheat, well they tried it again against New Zealand - the 37th ranked team in the world, and almost did it again, but as the saying goes, "Cheats never Prosper", and the saying proved to be true tonight as New Zealand held the World Champions to a 1-1 draw.
If the cheating bastards spent as much time on their feet as they did rolling on the ground pretending to be hurt or fouled, they could have actually won.

The Italian football team have destroyed my enjoyment of the game due to their incessant cheating, and I am so happy we have made the tournament a lot harder for them to progress.

What an awesome and courageous effort by the All Whites - Wicked you guys - what a bunch of heroes.


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