Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tauranga ratepayers shafted by City councillors again

Since the announcement that former Minister in Charge of Treaty Capitulations Douglas Montrose Graham, faces charges and fines for indiscretions in his directorship of a failed finance company, leaving around 4000 investors around $127 million worse off, the Securities Commission have instigated criminal charges against him and his fellow directors who now face potential five-year jail terms.

I think the same should be done to the Tauranga City Councillors responsible for lumbering Taxpayers with the debt they are about to be landed concerning the white elephant known as the art gallery.

They should be thrown in jail for misrepresenting the public and gross negligence for getting them involved in a project that was doomed from the start to loose a fortune, in effect adding to the debt my children will have to pay (on top of all the other inept, un-profitable ventures they have involved themselves in)

I walk past this place regularly and 9 times out of 10 it is empty. The only visitors being kids on a school trip.

Apparently the place has had 40,000 visitors - 30,000 of them most likely school children

There is a solution to this problem.

Sell it immediately to the highest bidder. Let those who aspire to owning an art gallery purchase and run it, instantly removing the burden from ratepayers. Opening up investment in the city, and the opportunity for competition.

All the other galleries in town seem to be surviving (despite the competition-destroying free gallery run by the council) - why is that? Because the owners know the art business (unlike the council) They are passionate about it. On top of that, their investment and livelihood is at stake - it is imperative they make it work - unlike the council facility which simply holds its hand out to the tune of $850,000 PLUS the $142,000 it is over budget - to the sitting ducks (ratepayers)

This situation is a farce and ratepayers should be damn well outraged after all the debate that it sparked before it was started - I know I am.


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