Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rout K (K Road) in the news again

Tauranga motorists could face a doubling in the $1 toll on Route K as the current take falls well short of the revenue raising forecasts, (now theres a surprise - do we get a refund from the consultants?) with traffic volumes less than half of what was expected.

Mayor Stuart Crosby says the toll road, which has debts of nearly $52 million, (holy crap batman!) will be discussed at the council's first meeting of the year next week.

"We've got to look at Route K, the tolling and the funding of it,

Mr Crosby says if it does not become a state highway, Route K's debts could lead to a rates increase.
This is a perfect example of the importance of property rights.

When nobody owns something (ie council), it is "all care - no responsibility" If this was owned by somebody, they would be busting their backsides to make it work and generate more income.

When nobody (council) owns it - the easy solution is just put rates up - there will be a bit of sqwarking by ratepayers at first, but that will cease when something else is imposed upon them!

Because the Tauranga council are obviously bereft of one single creative idea, let me offer a few.

Dont increase the toll - Halve it! - give people the incentive to use it - dont deter them.

Sell advertising along route K

Hire route K out to sports clubs, car clubs, race meets, blokarts, go carts etc

Make a competition - every week give away a couple of week free passes to road users, which will encourage people to use it - they may WIN something, and God Knows Tauranga people all want something for nothing!

Make it free after 6pm or automate the toll gate and dispense with wages

Sell shares in it

or the best solution of all - SELL IT to the highest bidder ASAP

Do anything except double the toll (unless of course you wish to halve the amount of people using it) and in the morning, I am often only 1 of 2 cars on the road!

In fact I have already started my boycott of it. I would spend $10 a week on the toll road, but through the sheer idiocy of this council I am now using an alternate route, so thats $500 or so dollars they have lost already.


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