Monday, June 14, 2010

Shane Jones (or is that Shame?)

On my list of people I hope I never have to shake hands with (eeeuuuccch!) or meet, is the odious, obnoxious  Labour MP Shane Jones who features right up there in the top 10.

Consequently, what he does in his own perverted private life has no interest to me. 

However, when he uses my money to do those things, it instantly becomes my business - I have a right to know what is being done with the money taken from me by force by the government, and having it spent on porno movies in expensive hotels is not high on the priority list.

I don’t spend “my” money on porno movies, but Shane Jones is quite happy to spend “my” money them. The pleasure is all his!

The ministerial credit card is like a most efficient rat trap - it does exactly what it is designed to do - catch filthy rats, it is effective, non-selective, and the perfect bait for catching disgusting vermin.

Why everyone is so surprised is a mystery though - I mean who is more stupid? 

Politicians for using this card on things they shouldn’t, or the New Zealand public for allowing them to have one in the first place - 

It’s the equivalent to giving whisky and car keys to teenage boys! Stupid and downright irresponsible.

If I were to hire out a Porno movie, the one I would most like to see at the moment is a reality TV/massochism video featuring Shane Jones handcuffed and flayed with a leather whip (purchased with his own credit card of course) until he promises never to stick his snout in the trough again - 

Who know’s, judging by what he's been up to he may consent to the flogging - but then it wouldn’t be much of a punishment would it?


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