Thursday, April 29, 2010

Plague of Armed Robberies predicted

Now that the anti-fun police have cracked down on a bunch of shop owners, now they will have some time on their hands to come looking for the next easy target!

Yes, You! - Shopkeepers selling cigarette papers will be next, oh, and lighters and matches, not to mention tin foil, resealable bags and sheep pellets - you are all going to get what you deserve, and I hope that is being thrown in jail for a long time for selling drug related paraphenalia.

Never mind that thieves, robbers, rapists are out there doing what they do best while the police are busy busting tax-paying shop owners and otherwise law abiding citizens for committing crimes against themselves.

In the meantime (before the police come to bust you for something - homegrown tobacco will probably be the next thing) all the hard working dairy owners, service stations and bottle stores will be kept busy fighting off the plague of armed robberies that are about to occur which many cigarette smokers will have to resort to now to get their cigarettes. I suggest every dairy owner in the country arm themselves to the teeth ready for the onslaught - the police will be busy arresting other shopkeepers for the henious crime of selling lights and fertiliser.

The beehive in Wellington must have been infected with the brain-eating varroa-mite, because there are not two brain-cells left alive in that place to rub themselves up against another one to create the friction required to generate an intelligent idea

The way things are going people will have to resort to sniffing nutmeg and drinking hand sanitiser for recreational substances before too long. (until they ban those of course)
Will this stop you voting for politicians who continue to steal your right to do whatever you wish with your own body? - I doubt it.
Will it stop you moaning when it happens - I doubt it
Will you wring your hands and wail "how did it come to this"  - You bet!
What's more, the eunuchs responsible for these attrocities on your rights havent the testicular fortitude or the moral aptitude to apply the same draconian rules to alchohol. - It's all about being seen to be doing the right thing as opposed to actually fixing the problem.


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