Sunday, August 01, 2010

Another Lolly scramble

Yippee - Us Kiwis just LOVE a good Lolly Scramble

This kind of thing just beats me - I mean here (the rugby world cup event) is a great opportunity to make some money for anybody who wants to.

Us entertainers and proprietors and venue owners are doing this all the time - it is how we survive

WHY - Please explain WHY council and government have to get involved - I mean  - Im stuck for words!

Why don't they just bugger off and let us do what we do

WHY must they get involved - its just justifying the existence of bureaucrats, and paying their wages to be involved in things that can be done quite successfully WITHOUT THEM.

As for Simon Bridges saying that the fund will ensure some great ideas come to life - They will anyway without your fund.

Just think of all the people whose life could be a whole lot better instead of being on the waiting list of their die-while-you wait health system.

Let entertainment people worry about the entertainment business - they are a whole lot better and more efficient at it than YOU ARE

This all proves a bit of a dilema for me personally though

Do I spurn the events funded by this immoral means, and hope you all choke on your lolly scramble.


Do I grab as many lollies as possible and get back some of the lollies I have been forced to pay for?


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