Saturday, August 21, 2010

Name and shame Tauranga employment dodgers (oh and drink drivers)

Of the 117 people named and shamed in the BOP Times for drink driving, 71 had "No occupation" listed, not including the odd solo parent.

That would mean that 71 of those will be paying their fines with money they have not earnt, but that has been taken from working taxpayers by force, and given to them without obligation

That means that the remaining 46 are in effect paying their fine twice!

Plus the unemployed don’t have to worry about making inconvenient, expensive alternative transport arrangements to get to work do they?

This is not justice - its a piss-take, and we are the suckers on the receiving end of the joke.

If you people insist on having the insidious immoral and destructive welfare state there should be a 1 strike you're out policy for those caught abusing it and the goodwill shown by those who (albeit misguidedly) believe it is a good thing.

Show them that to receive a benefit at the expense of others is not a right, but a privilege.

My family is forced to go without because I must pay for their drink driving tickets, and I do not appreciate it - and neither do my children.

I have read these names out to my children and told them these are some of the people you can blame for not having new shoes and braces to fix your teeth.


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