Sunday, August 22, 2010

Addiction to Bureaucracy destroying lives

There are lots of terrible addictions out there all vying for our attention, ready to sneak up on their next unsuspecting victim. Gambling, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Golf etc. Horrible, nasty addictions that destroy lives, alter our perceptions of reality and make us do things we would not normally do.

Support groups have got most of them covered, but there is one that has slipped through undetected.
A powerful addiction that has got its nasty tentacles into most of you without you realising.

It is the addiction to  "other peoples money" to which a nasty side effect is the addiction to "minding other peoples business."

On the outside they have the appearance of being a good thing - ie caring for other people, and wanting whats best for the community. But on the bad side, they steal personal responsibility, they rob you of your rights, and they reward dysfunctional and anti-community behaviour, resulting in a dying CBD, property crimes, and the acceptance of the use of force on others to get what you want.

It is extremely contagious, but the cure is out there - only those with the disease are in denial and just like with other addictions refuse to seek help.

A good start to recovery would be to read one of the biggest selling novels of all time - the book entitled “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand.


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