Monday, November 01, 2010

Tauranga Council SUCKS!

Everybody hates the Tauranga council!

The council NEVER do what people want them to do

The council ALWAYS chose the WRONG option

The Council ALWAYS spend money on things people DONT want. and NEVER spend money on things they DO want.

Well, guess what?

It's YOUR FAULT. - Yes! - YOU!

If you don't like what they do, then stop giving them your permission to do it.
Stop voting for them!

By voting for them, you are encouraging them and giving them your endorsement that what they are doing is what you want them to do.

Every person on the council now is there because they CARE about Tauranga, and they want to make a difference.

The problem is, they continue to do the same things that have been tried and failed before.

No matter who you speak to about anything in the city, everybody blames the council for it, or believes the COUNCIL should FIX IT.

How did we become so addicted to Council, or so DEPENDANT on council to do anything.

I guess that incrementally over the years council have taken away our personal responsibility to do things ourselves, and taken it upon themselves to do them, that we have gradually come to think that is the ONLY WAY things can be done.

It has been a 2 way street. 1st people asking the council to do stuff.
Then council charging us MORE cos they have more stuff to do.
Then people moaning because council dont do the things they want.

It is going to be even worse now that Larry Baldock is in there. Larry wants to hold binding referendums about things. He wants to put everybodys rights, property and income up for the vote.

If the majority want something, then the minority will have their rights and property trampled on (just because the majority think its a good idea).

Minorities (in Larry Baldocks eyes) have no rights ladies and gentlemen, so if you are in a minority - which could be 49 out of 100 people, then if afraid you are toast.

How do we fix this terrible addiction to other peoples money?
First we must wean ourselves off the council TIT.

Stop demanding they do things for us.

Banding together with likeminded people and insisting the council keep their noses OUT.

They will NEVER do what all the people want all of the time.

So instead of giving them (well - they TAKE IT actually) your money to spend on things THEY WANT, why not KEEP YOUR MONEY and spend it on things YOU want.

This is the problem with Democracy - it puts peoples rights and property up for the vote, which is completely immorral and uncivilised

If you would like a MUSEUM, Join the Friends of the Museum
If you want a Swimming Pool, join the Frinds of the Swimming pool club.
If you want the CBD to get better, get together with all the OTHER retailers, and work out a plan to fix it, but whatever you do PLEASE stop wingeing for the COUNCIL to fix it or do it

They are only there because YOU put them there - I tell you what - It certainly wasn't me


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